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Bluehost vs Siteground

Bluehost vs Siteground

I previously wrote about Bluehost vs Hostgator and if you missed that post then I would suggest checking it out. Here is a quick comparison between Bluehost and Siteground for web hosting and the tips to make your web site at Bluehost or Siteground faster.

Web Hosting

Based on my research of Bluehost, you can have unlimited disk space, data transfer and domain name registration all for a $2.99 per month. What does a $2.99 web hosting offer? Unlimited web pages and all domains and folders will be loaded in minutes as well as free 24/7 email and 100% uptime. Bluehost does provide their own email address to use and provide you with 4 domains that you can have up to a year. For Bluehost their site says that the site will load in 4 seconds. You also get 50 email addresses if you want.

Web Design

Bluehost has more features in their web design tools, but I think you can do a lot of the things you need to do. Bluehost has their own design software for you to use as well as shared hosting tools. Bluehost also offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email and web hosting for $2.99 per month and $3.50 per month for shared hosting. Siteground has the web design tools and works better for some people with larger sites and sites in more niche topics. You can get a lot of web design features, but I don’t think it’s good for people with larger websites and a bit more in their pockets. Siteground does offer unlimited bandwidth and all domains for a $1.49 per month and $2.99 per month for shared hosting. Siteground has a lot of web design tools and they do seem to offer good support and shipping.


Some people look at the features that a web hosting company offers and compare it to other hosting companies. It’s a fair comparison, but that’s not always what you need to consider. Sometimes you just need to compare the features and look at the pricing and what you’ll get. Bluehost says that they provide a fast, reliable and secure web hosting experience. Bluehost’s web hosting is also faster than Siteground’s web hosting for the same amount of space. Bluehost says they deliver a fast, reliable and secure web hosting experience as well and does deliver the features that you need.

Future Expectations

If you have a web site that you are looking to expand and you want something faster than Bluehost or Siteground that’s why you might look to use GoDaddy or 1&1. All three companies do offer cheap pricing, but their free web hosting accounts have limited features. Bluehost has limited free web hosting, but they do have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and they provide web hosting and domain registration for a $1.99 per month. Bluehost does have a lot of free tools and features, but you don’t get the extra features for a lot of people. You also need to provide a credit card number to get the service and that’s not free. Bluehost has web hosting and you can start a website with it but I would not recommend it unless you have more money to buy more web hosting in the future.

If you use Bluehost and it has some good features, you may not notice any difference in the speed, but if you are looking for speed, you might want to look at Siteground for faster web hosting.

Final Thoughts

All three companies are affordable for what they offer and you can have a good experience with any of them. They all provide good features, you can get web hosting and domain registrations for less and you can look at GoDaddy and 1&1 for a lot of additional features, but they do have slightly different prices. However, if you are looking for a cheap web hosting that works well, I’d recommend Bluehost or Siteground for your web hosting. They have the features that you need at the cheap price that’s sometimes hard to get.

Plesk vs. cPanel

Plesk vs. cPanel

As with the launch of any great software platform, there have to be some competitive choices available to have the best and most viable solution for your business and in the case of control panels – software that connects you to the back end of the website you run to make changes – there are quite a few new innovations since the launch of cPanel in ’96.

Comparing The Top of The Class

Without further ado, we put the two largest control panel options under a microscope and determine which is good for your needs.  Although many others exist for webmasters to choose from, these two are top of the class in terms of usability.

Let’s Start With Plesk

First, we’ll look at Parallel Plesk, or just Plesk to the native user, which was an innovation of SW Soft and then sold to the company called Parallels.  It was developed in 2003, nonetheless, and offers a huge assortment of options for the webmaster, including the install of programs very quickly, transferring of domains, moving files around with an on-platform file manager and so much more.

Content Manager

I use this content manager with several hosting companies and find the overall navigation around the program to be quick, simplistic, and secure.  For those that do not have a load of control panel experience, this is the road I would choose to learn more about control panel access to websites.

cPanel – Since 1996

On the other hand, you have cPanel, which came onto the content controller scene back in 1996 and simply offers an easy to use interface that lets the novice and expert webmaster make quick changes to their websites while their site continues to run.

Rich in Features

Users can expect to be able to change their domain and file structure, add and use programs such as PHPMyAdmin and MySQL, and have the opportunity to control email addresses that belong to their accounts.

Works on Many Operating Systems

This user-friendly atmosphere also works well on Red Hat Linux, FreeBSD, and CentOS, giving the flexibility to many users who run those kinds of operating systems.  Overall, this old-school control panel is still the preferred choice of many consumers across the board.

Plesk Freezes

Each one has its downfalls, too: as a personal user of Plesk, I notice that a lot of freezing occurs during intermittent times while navigating and making changes.  At times it won’t let me into the file management system, forcing me to use FTP, which can be slow at times, too.

cPanel Issues

Also, depending on the hosting company, finding your way around can be difficult at times, too.  CPanel, too, has some of the same issues, except not so bad when it comes to file navigation.  Most of the problems seem to occur during log-ins and adding subdomains through the panel, and the look and feel of the system seems a bit prehistoric.

Bluehost Uses cPanel

Bluehost uses cPanel as their choice of control panel. It’s a good and quick setup, and with Bluehost’s server background, it’s really the perfect solution if you would like to take care of everyday maintenance.

Both Are Solid Solutions

Overall, however, both solutions offer a solid foundation for behind the scenes entry into your website, and the best solution to use really depends on your level of expertise in designing and maintaining your sites.  Different hosting companies will offer different solutions, and it is just a matter of whether you get Plesk or cPanel.

Bluehost Review – Cool Features to Improve User Experience

Bluehost Review – Cool Features to Improve User Experience

Bluehost is, without a doubt, one of the best web hosting companies in the world. The reason is that the company has some of the features that are not found with many of the hosting companies out there. Bluehost belongs to the family of companies under EIG, which is one of the companies providing data center services in the world. Bluehost understands that one of the important things that make any business to succeed online is having a high-quality web hosting service with a lot of cool features to improve user-experience when the website is visited.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Package

A dedicated server is the kind of web hosting where you have a server allocated to you to manage your websites. With this hosting plan, you would not need to be worried about your website being shut down for excessive use of resources. You can customize the server and determine how you want to manage the resources available there. This is the type of hosting for those who really take their online business seriously.

Bluehost is well respected in the web hosting industry (see‘s reputable review), also because of the quality of its dedicated server package. With Bluehost, you will be given a computer to take care of your needs, making you experience increased speed, control, flexibility, site traffic and the opportunity to expand your business. These are the opportunities that are not available with a shared hosting or VPS hosting. Bluehost will continue to monitor your server, and if there should be a breakdown or your site goes offline, the staff will work on it to bring everything back online – free of charge.


What makes Bluehost dedicated hosting to be the hotcake is the security aspect. All the login information and every link to access the tools are encrypted, preventing any those without authorization from having access. Bluehost also does this free of charge. In addition, the company conducts monthly security audits to make sure that your dedicated server works with the latest OS upgrades and patches.

A server without security can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars. That is why Bluehost is a company to reckon with, and you will always be happy with your decision. With the dedicated hosting plan from Bluehost, you can limit access to the server if you choose, enabling you to protect your databanks containing confidential information. This feature also prevents your personal information from being stolen by hackers, thus making your liability to be greatly reduced.

99% Uptime Guarantee

A server that is always breaking down will always make your websites to be offline, causing you to always lose money, as visitors would be buying the products and services from your competitors. The employees at Bluehost understand this, and the dedicated server comes with 99% uptime guarantee. You are assured that your websites will always be online to serve your visitors and prospective customers.

Very Cheap

Bluehost dedicated server hosting is arguably the cheapest in the industry. There are different plans ranging from $37.95 per month to $199.95 per month depending on the disk space and the bandwidth you want. Irrespective of the type you get, you will enjoy all the necessary features mentioned above. The fact that you are going for the $37.95 per month package does not mean you will lose. Every plan comes with 100 Mbps ports to give your sites speed, and if you want more, the company provides cheap gigabit ports as well.

Cloud Hosting

Bluehost is not known for dedicated hosting alone. The company also provides cloud hosting at affordable rates. If you choose, you may also get a free cloud hosting from the company. Yes! It is free. The free package comes with 1 FTP account, 5 email accounts and 1 MySQL database. The free package is what you are not likely to come across from any other web hosting company in the world. However, if the scope of your business requires more features and capabilities, you could get the paid hosting ranging between $14.95 and $1499.95 per month. Those packages come with varying levels of bandwidth transfer, disk space, IP addresses, RAM, etc.

Your choice to go for Bluehost hosting means that you have decided to go for a plan that is full of features more than you could ever imagine. It is a company that will help you to grow and becomes one of the customers of the company from more than 120 countries. Every hosting plan also comes with 24x7x365 support from technicians having at least 5 years of experience in the building and maintenance of computer networks and servers of all kinds. You will be given support through the e-mail and ticketing system of the company, whether you interested in e-commerce, web hosting, web development, or online gaming platform. Bluehost is the hosting company that you can count on in your time of need because there is no other.